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Cadiz to Seville by train

semi-overcast 12 °C

We travelled from Cadiz to Sevilla by train into Sevilla Santa Just station for 16.05 Euros each for a 1:30 hr trip. Seville was mainly cold and wet


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Ronda to Cadiz by bus

sunny 10 °C

We took a Comes bus from Ronda to Cadiz (3:15 hrs for 16 Euros each). The first half of the journey through the mountains was stunning but it then turned into very boring plains. The old city of Cadiz is charming and a great place for walking with the sea never more than a few minutes away. We found a sunny and friendly bar at La Caleta beach


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By bus from Marbella

sunny 13 °C

The cost of the 75-minute bus ride was only 6.48 Euros, I was a beautiful trip through the steep coastal mountains of the Sierra Bermeja and the Serrania de Ronda. On arrival in was sunny and, at 739 metres, cold. We eventually got into our apartment after standing outside the wrong apartment for 20 minutes - the taxi-driver had dropped us in the wrong street that also had apartments at number 5! The apartment was absolutely stunning, very large and just a 1-minute walk from the Puente Noevo (the high bridge over the gorge)


Ronda was wonderful - we thought it would be good but have to say that we both thought it was one of the best places we had ever been (right up there with Monemvasia)


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Pedregalejo Beach

sunny 17 °C

We had provisionally booked an apartment for March in an old fisherman's cottage at Pedregalejo Beach, a few kms from Malaga City, for us and a couple of friends. We couldn't work out or find out just how big the apartment was but had an uneasy feeling that it would be really small (even for a fisherman's cottage). So off we went to Malaga - there are several fast buses every day that do the 50-minute run from Marbella to Malaga for about 6 Euros each way. At the large information desk at Malaga Bus Station, we asked where the number 11 local bus left for Pedregalejo; the response (as has been the case in several tourist offices) was an expansive wave of an arm in some sort of general direction. Well, that direction had 5 roads and it took us about 30 minutes to actually find out which road we should take. The bus ride to Pedregalejo was cheap at 1.30 Euros and took about 20 minutes. The beaches stretching out from Malaga are really quite nice and Pedregalejo was no exception, so "fingers crossed" we fronted up to the cottage. It was a very small 2-story house and the downstairs apartment was tiny, barely enough room for 2 people let alone 4 (and we had explained in emails that there would be 4 adults). So that was it. We had lunch at a beach-side cafe, tried to find other accommodation and then took a bus back to Malaga and then the fast bus back to Marbella


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It was pretty good!

sunny 15 °C

We discovered that the easiest way to get to Gibraltar from Marbella was to take a "Shopping" coach trip. For 20 Euros each, we were picked up at the apartment, driven to the Rock (including the messy bit at the borders), given about 5 hours to shop (or in the case of us and a few others, 5 hours of wandering). The main street was much less "British" than I had expected and in the back alleys of the old town, it was very Spanish/Moorish. We caught a local bus to the end of the island, Europa Point, and had spectacular views across the Mediterranean to north Africa just 28 kms away


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